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Bonus Episode: Building Equitable Communities: Northwest Arkansas and the Future of Community Land Trusts

About the Show:

Do you want to ensure that your community remains affordable and accessible for all residents? Our guest speakers will share the solution to preventing displacement and promoting equal opportunities so that you can achieve a more inclusive and equitable community. They are part of the Northwest Arkansas Council’s Future is Now Speaker Series.  

“We need to be willing to remold our plans based on feedback and truly listen to the needs and desires of the community we’re serving.”

  • Scott Kratz

In this episode of the “I am Northwest Arkansas” podcast, featuring another installment of the NWA Council Future is Now Speaker Series, host Randy Wilburn brings together Kymone Freeman, Vaughn Perry, Scott Kratz, and independent journalist Megan Kimble. Together, they delve into the vital role of Community Land Trusts in preserving equality and preventing displacement in rapidly gentrifying areas. The challenges of gentrification are explored, and the need for intentional community development is emphasized.

Megan provides her insights on successful highway removal projects, positioning infrastructure as vital social and community assets. Scott elaborates on the 11th Street Bridge Park project, aiming to connect segregated neighborhoods and foster community-driven initiatives.

The conversation expands on the concept of a Community Land Trust, rooted in the civil rights movement, and highlights the necessity of affordable housing. The guests underline the importance of community engagement and equitable strategies in urban planning projects.

This episode offers invaluable perspectives for community activists and urban planners. It inspires a focus on community involvement, challenges market forces, and empowers local residents in the decision-making process. It’s a compelling call to action for creating spaces that resonate with and genuinely benefit the community.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Unearth the power of collaborative efforts in transforming community landscapes in Anacostia.
  • Find out how prioritizing resident needs and their participation can bring about a paradigm shift in urban planning.
  • Acknowledge the reality of displacement due to gentrification and the promise of affordable housing in conflict resolution.
  • Enlighten yourself on the concept of Community Land Trusts and their importance in fostering communal harmony.
  • Appreciate the vital task of nurturing meaningful interaction with authors and the ripple effect it has on idea generation.

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*

Megan Kimble on LinkedIn

Scott Kratz on LinkedIn

Kymone Tecumsah Freeman on LinkedIn

Vaughn Perry on LinkedIn

Walton Family Foundation

Downtown Springdale Alliance

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