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Episode 156: Art Reflections of The Black Experience with Kinya Christian in Northwest Arkansas

About this Episode: 

It’s not often that we have repeat guests on the podcast, but this week’s episode is an exception. Kinya Christian is an Artist and Owner of the Into + View Art Gallery. Located in Downtown Rogers, Into + View Art Gallery is one of only a few black art galleries in Northwest Arkansas. Kinya has worked hard to create a space for underrepresented POC, women, and advanced-age artists. 

When we last spoke with Kinya, she was in the middle of showing the 1619 Project at her museum and the Rogers Experimental House. 

Her current exhibit, ​​Reflections of The Black Experience, an art collection curated is reflective of the African diaspora to the modern-day Black experience in America by local and regional artists. The exhibit will feature a mix of historical research, personal reflections, and creative writing discussing challenging narratives about our collective history.

The exhibit begins Friday, February 4, 2022, with an opening reception at INTO+VIEW Art Gallery and Studios, located at 300 N. 2nd St., Rogers, Arkansas. The reception will feature an exclusive wine tasting of Black-owned wineries throughout the United States. 

The exhibit will also be at the Rogers Experimental House, located at 121 W. Walnut St., Rogers, Arkansas on February 10, 2022, during the monthly Art on the Bricks event. 

Selections from the exhibit can also be viewed at Java Dudes Coffee Company, 718 N 2nd St., Rogers, Arkansas.

All this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.

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