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Episode 9: We Asked Chelsea Ware What’s Up In Fayetteville?

About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Chelsea Ware, the founder of the What’s Up Fayetteville and Ask Fayetteville pages on Facebook. Chelsea also runs The Syc House a popular live music and events venue in Fayetteville. What’s Up Fayetteville is a great page to learn about events happening in and around Fayetteville on that particular day. Chelsea explained to us that based on the popularity of What’s Up Fayetteville she had to create Ask Fayetteville to answer all or most of the questions that she was fielding on her original page.

Chelsea is a go-getter with a ton of ideas and inspiration. Listen to this episode to learn what drives her and what she hopes to do next with both of these indispensable community pages.  The future looks bright.

Important Links and Mentions on the Show*

What’s Up Fayetteville on Facebook

Ask Fayetteville on Facebook

The Syc House on Facebook

What’s Up Fayetteville on Instagram

What’s Up Fayetteville on Twitter

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