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Episode 196: How to Harness The Power of A Neurodiverse Workforce in Northwest Arkansas

About the Show:

“We must not only learn to tolerate our differences. We must welcome them as the richness and diversity which can lead to true intelligence.” ~ Albert Einstein

Depending on who you listen to here in Northwest Arkansas, we have more than 10,000 open positions that need to be filled.  Most of the significant regional companies – Walmart, JB Hunt, Tyson, Simmons, and the University of Arkansas, are all hiring. It is a numbers game. The more firms recruit and interview, the more they can hire new talent.  

Of course, you want to find the right talent for the right jobs, but there may be many talented individuals in our community here in Northwest Arkansas that should be noticed.  

According to Daymara Baker, founder of Neurodiverse employer Rockin Baker, there are more than 4,000+ Neurodivergent people in Northwest Arkansas.  All potential workers could or should be employed to fill many of these jobs that are available in the region.  

We spent some time discussing navigating the Neurodiverse workforce with Daymara and Margaret McCabe, former Dean of the University of Arkansas Law School and the parent of a Neurodiverse young adult who works with Daymara at Rockin Baker. 

If you have been on the fence about hiring someone from the Neurodiverse community, this is the episode for you to gain some understanding, insight,  and perspective.  You may just be one hire away from your next great team member.

Daymara and Margaret make an excellent case for why this part of the workforce should be noticed.  

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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