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Episode 72: Ezekiel Kindle is Raising the Heat in NWA

About the Show:

“This place has the ability to provide anything you want to do.”

  • Ezekiel Kindle

In this episode of the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Ezekiel Kindle, founder of Kindle Spices. Together, they delve into Ezekiel’s thrilling journey of creating his very own hot sauce brand. 

Ezekiel isn’t just a business owner; he’s a spicy food aficionado and a gardening enthusiast. Hear how these personal interests provided the perfect soil for planting the seeds of Kindle Spices. He opens up about the key moment that shifted him from daydreaming to action, turning his passion into a viable business.

Community plays a vital role in any entrepreneurial journey, and Ezekiel’s is no different. Learn about the supportive ecosystem of Northwest Arkansas and how it became an invaluable asset to Kindle Spices. Ezekiel stresses the importance of local collaboration, and how tapping into community resources fueled his venture.

Whether you’re a hot sauce lover hunting for a new favorite or an aspiring entrepreneur in need of inspiration, this episode is packed with insights. Tune in to explore the unique challenges, invaluable community support, and, of course, the fiery passion that made Kindle Spices a success.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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