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Episode 7: It’s not Wright that this BBQ is that Good

About the Show:

“The culture of BBQ is one of Service and Comfort. Eating here is like you are eating in my backyard.”

Jordan Wright, Wrights Barbecue

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Jordan Wright from Wrights Barbecue in Johnson, AR. Jordan is a perfect example of opportunity meeting your passion. Learn how Jordan parlayed a job at Tyson, a church dinner, and a Food Truck to new heights.  If you’ve ever been to Wrights Barbecue on any day of the week, they are open (Tue-Sat), you’ve probably stood on a long line as the aroma of barbecue permeates the air.

Jordan walks us through his entrepreneurial journey and how so many other Pitmasters like Aaron Franklin from Franklins BBQ in Austin, and Esau Ramos from 2M Smokehouse, and others were kind enough to give him information, feedback, and encouragement as he got his establishment off the ground. Listening to this podcast is definitely inspirational but you will not fully understand the journey that Jordan took until you come down to Wright’s and experienced it for yourself.  

As an added bonus, mention that you heard the podcast and Jordan will give you a FREE drink with your meal – Limited Time (Expires 7/31/19)

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