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Episode 63: Don’t Give Up! A Conversation with Doug Allen from Jose’s Bar and Grill


About the Show:

In this episode, we sit down with Doug Allen, Owner of Jose’s Bar and Grill based in Tontitown.  Doug has been the owner of Jose’s for 18 years and has never seen anything like the profound impact that COVID-19 has had on his employees and his business.  At one point they had almost 30 employees and when the pandemic hit last month Allen had to layoff a majority of his team. With a bare-bones staff of about five people, Allen kept the doors open and offered only Take-Out. 

And then he got creative. 

Answering the call that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson put out a few weeks back Doug decided to figure out what else he could sell during these challenging times that would not only keep his doors open but also help those that have supported him and his restaurant. He decided to offer groceries and other supplies that are in desperate need right now – like Sanitizer, Bleach, and Toilet Paper.  

While Allen is not a Grocer by trade he is figuring things out one day at a time. And, more importantly, as he has ramped up his efforts and Take-Out and Grocery offerings Allen has been able to slowly start to bring back loyal employees that he had to layoff last month.

While we don’t know how things are going to end up for all of us here in Northwest Arkansas post-pandemic we can be inspired by small business owners like Doug Allen who will not go down quietly. 

Doug’s message to everyone that will listen is simply this – “Don’t Give Up!”    

So, whether you need Tacos, a Growler of Beer, or some Hand Sanitizer, Doug Allen and his team at Jose’s Bar & Grill have you covered.  

Call them at 479-750-9055 for Curbside Take Out and Groceries.

See the MENU on their website at

 All of this and more on this episode of I am Northwest Arkansas.   

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