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Episode 275: Exploring Podcasting’s Impact and Growth in Arkansas with Ti King

About the Show:

“Even if you know there’s somebody that already puts out very similar content to what you’re wanting to put out, someone is going to pick you over them because they enjoy the cadence of your voice or the way that you present the material.”

  • Ti King

About the Guest:

Ti King is the founder of the Arkansas Podcasters Group, known as Our Cast. Based out of Little Rock, Ti has significantly impacted the podcasting landscape across Arkansas, extending his initiatives to the entire state. Alongside partners Brittany Rush and Karen Stewart, Ti has spearheaded efforts to foster a strong podcasting community, promote storytelling, and provide resources and support for podcasters. Additionally, Ti has a background in marketing and has been actively involved in supporting non-profit organizations.

Episode Summary:

In this episode of the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast, host Randy Wilburn sits down with Ti King, the founder of the Arkansas Podcasters Group, widely known as Our Cast. Recorded at the Furman Garner Performance Studio at KUAF, the episode dives deep into the vibrant and ever-growing world of podcasting in Arkansas. Ti shares his journey from discovering podcasts in the early 2000s to founding a significant podcasting movement in the state. Their engaging conversation touches on the importance of storytelling, community building, and the unique opportunities that podcasting presents, particularly in the often-overlooked flyover states like Arkansas.

The discussion further explores how podcasting has not only provided a unique avenue for personal and professional growth but also served as a powerful tool for business and networking. Ti recounts various initiatives Our Cast has undertaken, from hosting events to providing free coaching for budding podcasters. The episode also highlights impactful podcast projects such as episodic coverage of recovery centers in Arkansas and historical storytelling about figures like Wiley Jones. Finally, Ti and Randy emphasize the ease of starting a podcast and encourage listeners to leverage podcasting to share their unique stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Podcasting as a Business Tool: Ti discusses how podcasting can serve as an effective way to network and open doors with key decision-makers and executives.
  • Community and Support: The Arkansas podcasting community is notable for its supportive nature, openly sharing information and resources.
  • Educational Impact: Podcasting is growing rapidly among younger demographics, including high school and college students, indicating a robust future for the medium.
  • Storytelling: Specific podcast projects featuring recovery centers and historical figures like Wiley Jones highlight the power of podcasting to share important, often overlooked stories.
  • Ease of Entry: Both Randy and Ti emphasize the low barrier to entry for starting a podcast, encouraging listeners to begin their podcasting journey without fear.

All this and more on this episode of the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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Join us in this episode to discover the dynamic world of podcasting in Arkansas, its potential for fostering community and business opportunities, and how you too can start your podcast journey. Stay tuned for more insightful content from the I Am Northwest Arkansas podcast!

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