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Episode 25: Tyler Clark is helping move single parents and their families out of poverty and into prosperity

About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Tyler Clark, Executive Director of the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA (SPSFNWA). We wanted to learn more about the philanthropic underpinnings of Northwest Arkansas.  Tyler was just the person to give us a history lesson. He started out talking about the impact that Harvey and Bernice Jones from the Jones Truck Lines had on him and why their generosity and support encouraged him to get involved in philanthropic efforts wherever he went.

Tyler mentioned that SPSFNWA ran for 15 years without a staff but as the need to help single parents educate their children grew his organization grew right with them.  Now equipped with a very talented staff of dedicated individuals Tyler has been able to impact Single Parent Families in Northwest Arkansas in a positive way. 

The one of the primary goals of the organization is to move single parents and their families out of poverty and into prosperity. 

The numbers for the organization are impressive:

They have given away over $6.5 Million dollars to over 9,500 families in NWA.  

They have 27 to 30 graduates per year.

85% of participants complete the program.

The average GPA of participants is a 3.30

Finally, the statistic that really stands out is the fact that the average family that goes through the program realizes a jump in income from $15K per year to $35K per year.  

That is awesome!

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