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Episode 101: Fayetteville Public Library Where Your Imagination Is Your Only Limitation

About the Show:

This episode is a little departure from how we normally do the podcast here at I am Northwest Arkansas. We recently went on an hour-and-half long walking tour with David Johnson and Heather Robideaux from the Fayetteville Library, and we will share with you a live presentation of that fascinating tour.

In 2012, the Fayetteville Public Library was ranked one of the best, if not the country‚Äôs best public libraries. This was due largely to the high level of respect and honor that David Johnson, his team of librarians, and all who work at the Fayetteville Public Library bring to their craft. They also provide the best that anyone could ever ask for in a city when it comes to a local place to gain knowledge, information, and inspiration. 

The new expansion has many dimensions and promises to revolutionize the library facilities and services, in a way that no other local library in the country does, and that only a few in the entire world may do.

If you listen to this episode, you will have a much better understanding of where your tax dollars are going – Fayetteville residents, and why so many philanthropic organizations and families have decided to financially support what this library is doing.

Go down to the Fayetteville Public Library and take a tour of the new expansion. It’s finally open. 

David Johnson and his team have an extraordinary vision of what they want the Fayetteville Public Library to be and do for the community. They want it to be one of the best, if not the best Public Library in the world. They have gone worldwide to bring Northwest Arkansas the best and brightest experience to the Fayetteville Public Library.

Let’s just jump right in and learn a little bit more about it.  We’re going to take you through each section of the library with a bit of commentary from me. That’s why I said this is a little bit of a different episode than usual, so bear with me.

I think you’re going to find real value in this particular episode, so just listen to David and Heather talk with such pride about this expansion.

All this and more on this episode of the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast.

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