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Episode 12: Legally Speaking with Woody Bassett

About the Show:

On this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Attorney Woody Bassett, who along with his Dad and brother founded Bassett Law Firm back in 1981. Woody was born in Louisiana but moved to Fayetteville as a toddler.  His Dad was originally from Fayetteville. Woody remembers Fayetteville back in 1970 when he graduated HS and there were only 30 thousand residents at the time. He marvels at how much this area has grown in almost 50 years.  

The Bassett family has been practicing law here in Northwest Arkansas for more than 65+ years.  They are a general practice law firm with a considerable amount of litigation and trial work experience.

According to Woody, “a lawyer has to be good, be prepared, and do a good job for the client.”

In addition to practicing law, Woody also volunteers in the community and serves on the Beaver Water District.  

When we pressed Woody as to why NWA was so special to him he said that “There is a lot of pride here in NWA.” In addition, “People know when you are born and care when you die!”

Woody also writes a monthly column for the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  He recently wrote an article on reading that we reference on the podcast.

An avid reader as well, Woody gave us a list of what is on his nightstand right now. Ali , and  Last Pass a book about the Boston Celtics. We also discussed another good book,Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

When he is not keeping people out of legal trouble, protecting our drinking water, writing great articles or reading cool books Woody likes to enjoy a good meal at Herman’s orBordino’s and he’s been known to frequent the Eclectic Kitchen all in Fayetteville.  

While we hope you never need to call on him Woody can be found online at and his office is just off the corner of Dickson and N. College in Fayetteville.  

If you visit with Woody please tell him that you heard about his firm here first on the I am Northwest Arkansas podcast or tag us ( @IamNorthwestArkansas ) on Facebook or Instagram

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